About Streaming Video

B'nai Jacob is now streaming services from our Sanctuary and Chapel. If you are sick, out of town, or just unable to attend services, with the click of a button you can now watch our services live, or at your convenience in our archives. In addition to Shabbat and holiday services, we may be able to stream other services and events as interest and funding permit.

From Our Rabbi


Thank you for visiting our streaming page. We are delighted to be able to make the stream and archive of our services available to you. We know that there are many watching our stream around the world, though we do not know who you are. You do not need to, but if you would like to drop a note letting us know where you are, how you found our stream and your thoughts regarding what you view, we would love to hear from you!  You can reach me at rabbishapiro@bnaijacob.org.

Rabbi Rona Shapiro

We'd like to share with you a video sent to us by the family of Miriam Schwartz, a long-time member of B'nai Jacob who recently passed away at the age of 101.  This video shows Miriam participating in our service via video streaming:  http://mimotion.com/?bXwyMTY=.  It demonstrates how valuable this service is to our members who cannot join us in person.


[ Click Here ] to see live and archived Worship Services held in the Sanctuary

[ Click Here ] to see live and archived Worship Services held in the Chapel

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