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What is Scrip?

Scrip is a national "gift card" fundraising program representing hundreds of retailers that you already buy from. You pay the face value of the card and the retailer donates a percentage of their profit to B’nai Jacob. For example, you buy a $100 Bloomingdale’s card worth $100 and it costs you $100. Then Bloomingdale’s donates 10% or $10 to BJ. No cost to you and an easy profit for BJ. Imagine how much BJ would earn if every member used the program! Last year we earned almost $20,000 with about 120 participants, many of whom only buy during our holiday drive. We can do so much more by attracting new scrip users and increasing the usage of our current supporters.

When you buy scrip you use it like cash or a debit card. When you buy scrip through BJ, we earn a percentage back from the company. We get anywhere from 4% to 18%, depending on the company (and whether they're running a "special" that month). If you take a vacation with Marriott, for instance, and first buy Marriott scrip through B'nai Jacob, we will earn 8% of what you spend! That really adds up for B'nai Jacob.

Is Scrip always a gift card?

No, Scrip comes in 3 forms.

  1. A traditional gift card that can be purchased instantly at the office through our inventory that includes:  Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, ShopRite, Westville Kosher, Stew Leonard’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, and Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread, Bruegger’s Bagels, and TJ Maxx. We also feature local vendors including Framer’s Edge, Racquet Koop and Goody’s Hardware. Then we add rotating specials so check often to see what we have, including Amazon, iTunes, Home Depot, and Gap to name a few.  If there is a retailer you’d like to see represented, let Judy Taylor know.
  2. Scripnow! which is immediately downloadable gift codes good for emailing as a gift to someone, or for your own use for shopping online or in a store. This is great for iTunes, Amazon, LL Bean, Lands End, and almost 30 other vendors.
  3. Reloadable gift cards which are gift cards that you buy and then reload online. This is great for Starbucks, which can then be linked to your gold Starbucks card or Whole Foods. There are many retailers that participate in this program.



How can I buy Scrip?

There are 3 options for purchasing scrip.

  1. Buy cards at the office from our inventory.
  2. Order Online at Go to Family Sign Up and create an account.   Use the B'nai Jacob Enrollment Code: 13DF6AE61243L.  Scrip orders are placed every Tuesday morning for Thursday afternoon pickup. Cards will be available for pick up at the synagogue office during regular business hours. Pick up your scrip cards on weekdays or on Sunday when religious school is in session.
  3. Browse online and then contact Judy Taylor to place the order for you. Call or text (203-799-0845) or email ( This applies to gift cards and scripnow! She can also help you with reloads.

Scrip is available for purchase during regular weekday office hours from the window, and on Sundays (when religious school is in session) from the gift shoppe.

2 easy NEW ways to use scrip:

Reload an existing card

Download detailed instructions below. Using the reload feature allows you to put money back on the card. There are many advantages to reloads:

1. Use one card instead of multiple cards

2. You can mail payment to BJ and not have to go in person

3. Put larger amounts of money onto a card (for example, reloading Whole Foods up to $500 when the the physical cards only go up to $100)

3. Give the card to a family member and reload for him/her. The card doesn't need to be in your possession to reload it so it's great for out of town family.

Special order $300 Stop & Shop cards. Orders will be placed every month at the beginning of the month for people who have requested. We may not always be able to stock them in inventory, but they will be ordered every month on the first Wednesday of the month. You can do this as an automatic order as well.

How do I pay for Scrip?

  1. Buy at the office, and pay immediately by check or credit card (*A check is the preferred method because we lose 2%+ with every credit card purchase. But if convenience is important and you really want to use a credit card, you may do so for certain cards with which we receive a higher percentage.
  2. Use Presto Pay to send an electronic "check". After you register for, you will be given the option of signing-up for Presto Pay (a service like "Pay Pal"). This allows you to order online and pay at the same time, to download scripnow! immediately and to reload immediately without having to get your payment to BJ. It’s so easy!
  3. Pay by credit card (no fee) on our website (Online Transactions)
  4. If you use a credit card, you can leave it on file for payment whenever you order and you can leave a standing order if you order the same card at regular intervals.

What will we do with the earnings?

BJ counts on scrip revenue. It is a line item in the budget to help with costs for the Religious School, to keep our dues down, for maintenance of our building and for insuring first class services for our members.



Call or email Judy Taylor 203-799-0845






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